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Dc motor controller of two categories

by:Hoprio     2020-07-28
For dc motor controller, believes everyone not unfamiliar, because often have it figure appeared in life. For it, we need to know its classification, then help later use. And below small make up to look at the classification of the dc motor controller. 1. Dc generator controller: this is to convert mechanical energy into direct current to the motor controller. It is mainly used for electrolysis, electroplating, electroforming, charging and ac generator controller of excitation power supply for dc motor controller. 2. Dc motor: this is the direct current motor controller can be converted into mechanical energy. Its stator magnetic field, its winding current, and the use of commutator rotor current and the magnetic field generated by the torque remains the same. Through the above said, we can understand to dc motor controller in general can be divided into dc generator and dc motor controller. So the user needs when choosing to choose according to their own needs.
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