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Dc motor controller is used in what industry?

by:Hoprio     2020-08-03
Dc motor controller application field is very wide, big to some heavy industry machinery and equipment, such as metallurgical equipment is used in the metallurgical industry Z series medium used in dc motor, textile printing and dyeing industry is the key equipment of motor selection of Z4 direct current motor, and paper making industry, paper making machinery mop the floor in the motor controller, and USES frequency control of motor speed three phase asynchronous motor in addition of chemical, lighting, electronic and other industries have applied dc motor. Dc motor is widely used in industrial construction, not only in daily life also play an important role. Such as the core equipment of automobile glass riser is small dc motor controller, and the electric door lock, electric fans, etc. , all equipped with dc motor. In a word, in the production of dc motor in the daily life play an important role. The motor controller to brushless DC motor controller and the diversity of DC gear motor controller and intelligent, 6 to 30 watts of 60 series brushless motor controller, controller, 40 tile to 60 watts series 80, brushless motor, controller, 40 watts to 120 watts series 90 motor controller, 200 watts to 400 watts series 104 motor controller, can adapt to the DC: to 48 v, 24 v AC, 110 v to 220 v. Motor controller to provide you with brushless dc motor controller + + gear reducer drive a whole set of the rotation of the solution, the product has been widely used in industrial transmission equipment, textile machinery, medical equipment and other fields, for you to build a more reasonable mechatronics product solutions.
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