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Dc motor controller is the cause of the overload

by:Hoprio     2020-07-29
Dc motor controller in use after a long time, sometimes has the overload situation, the serious will affect its normal operation and stable work. Appear so overloaded, it is necessary to timely treatment, below we said about what are the cause of dc motor controller is overloaded. 1. Due to the drainage and irrigation machinery waterway blockages, different heart, etc. , as well as the crankshaft resulting controller of dc motor overload. 2. Because of poor ventilation effect, the high ambient temperature situation, results in the decrease of motor controller overheating, insulation level and the load is too large. 3. Because of the low voltage, three-phase imbalance, etc. , lead to motor current controller increases, the load is too large. So, in order to prevent overload condition, dc motor controller at the time of use, need to make sure that the use of good environment and use correct, voltage stability.
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