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Dc motor controller improve the work efficiency of several kinds of methods

by:Hoprio     2020-07-27
Dc motor controller you are exposed to, because it has application in various industries, is a kind of energy-saving effect is very good motor controller. Such as tape recorders, cars, mobile phones, and so on, so you can see it on our influence is bigger. At the same time there are a lot of people focus on how to improve the efficiency of its work, make it wider interests. We will introduce below. 1. Can reduce the copper loss and iron loss, such as increasing dc motor controller, or replacement of materials such as metal loss, to improve the work efficiency. 2. If there is a brush motor controller, can replace the commutator, the copper commutator into carbon commutator, to improve the work efficiency. 3. If it is a brushless motor controller, the rotor of the problem, can choose higher permanent magnetic material performance, to improve the work efficiency. Above is used to improve the efficiency of magnetic dc motor controller, but to remind here, be careful not to damage when improve the work efficiency motor controller performance.
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