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Dc motor controller and ac motor controller is different

by:Hoprio     2020-07-27
The difference between dc motor controller and ac motor controller is usually what? Below small make up with all of you to say. 1. The principle of dc motor controller is simple and complex, difficult to maintain, and ac motor controller is just the opposite. 2. Dc motor controller is the use of brush and commutator, to introduce the current in the rotor of the armature, make the rotor spinning force produced in the stator magnetic field; The ac motor controller is the ac electric flux into the stator winding, a magnetic field in the stator breath, and then in the rotor winding induced current, rotating the rotor on the stator magnetic field force. 3. Speed control of dc motor controller performance is good, wide speed range, speed control smoothly under the heavy load; High efficiency of ac motor controller, when using, no smoke smell, no pollution, little noise. Above all, we know about the difference between the two is there.
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