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Curlers electromagnetic radiation harm to women health

by:Hoprio     2020-08-05
A woman is like a sweet song, a wonderful dance, a glass of wine, or even a box of chocolate. Women are heaven and earth to create the most beautiful works of art, appearance beautiful, graceful body. Women like beauty, skin care, beauty, hair care, hair is the compulsory course of women; Women love health, do yoga, dance aerobics, thin body, plastic body. However, in the process of doing these women, more or less need to use some of the electrical equipment, do hair, hair curler is indispensable electrical equipment, but the hair curler any electromagnetic radiation? Here we have to discuss about the hair curler electromagnetic radiation will influence on the woman's body health?
curlers as women DIY hairdressing tool, its size and ability to resist radiation electromagnetic radiation is a woman of choose and buy hair curler factors must be considered. Curlers, then, is there any electromagnetic radiation? The electromagnetic radiation effect on women's health have? Curlers work is close to a man's head, big hair curler, directly affect the person's brain, audio visual, etc. , the long-term use of radiation big rollers can make the female sexual function decline, the endocrine disorder, menstruation disorders.
curlers do you have any electromagnetic radiation, is depends on its motor, the motor of the rollers has two kinds, one kind is the traditional permanent magnet brushless dc motor controller, the motor is a mechanical structure of the brush and commutator to change the rotor current direction of the inner conductor, in the process of commutation which sparks, the spark is actually a kind of radiation. If often close to the brain, will also affect people's health. This traditional brushless dc motor has even started to use as the adoption of some of the pressure sensitive ceramics, capacitance and inductance components to suppress this kind of radiation, such as let radiation within the scope of the standard, but after using for a period of time, it will spark, radiation and overweight. Another kind is a brushless dc motor controller, in recent years, due to the progress of science and technology, control technology matures, the development of large scale integrated circuit, brushless dc motor controller has used in a variety of applications. It has high reliability, long life, low power consumption, fast response, stable torque, constant speed, low radiation, low electromagnetic interference, the advantages of low noise and so on. This kind of motor does not produce sparks throughout the life cycle, its electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic radiation is very small.
if women want to avoid is affected by the electromagnetic radiation, suggest you when curlers of choose and buy, to understand the status of the motor unit curlers. Intelligent electric curlers on common market using the motor controller for brushless dc motor, such curlers is safe and reliable.
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