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Colleagues in industrial fire drill

by:Hoprio     2020-08-06
Summer is the time for fire accident occur more easily and understand the basic knowledge of fire safety and exercise is necessary. Motor controller in the industrial park conducted a fire drill this week, and explains some small fire control knowledge, share with you here.

small fire safety knowledge:
1. Earlier found to timely report to the police, fire alarm, small loss, our fire alarm phone number is 119.
2。 After a fire, the right to fire the method is: clear fire units, detailed address, fire the fire material and size, whether someone trapped, leaving alarm people name and contact information;
3。 When using a fire extinguisher, fire extinguisher nozzles should be aimed at the root of the flame;
4。 Use the fire extinguisher distance is the best location of the fire extinguishing 3-5 meters of windward or cross wind;
5。 To nip in the bud, should make evacuation plans and rehearsed, familiar with office building security exit and design the best escape route;
6。 Computer was on fire, is the right thing with a wet quilt cover after unplug the computer.
7。 Fire escape, try to close to the ground to evacuate, toxic heat smoke from the burning of the main reason is that in the place where near the ground concentration is lesser, can reduce risk poisoning;
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