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Choose the brushless dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-15

advantage of brushless dc motor controller: since the automation industry, energy conservation and emissions reduction rose to national guidelines, motor controller in the industry trend is to use the brushless dc motor controller and BLDC drive controller. The latest high integration drive motor controller based on the vector algorithm, provide a high level of customization, with no need for complex software programming and resource allocation. Programmable controller sensorless motor drives including simple programming all motor controller control functions, including the sensorless starting, constant speed control, fault movement and the diagnosis report, etc. User equipment to brushless dc motor controller, the first thing to consider is to adopt the advantage of the brushless dc motor controller. Through the accumulation of experience and continuous development, brushless dc motor controller of the brushless motor controller and driver cost is greatly reduced. Choosing with sensor or no sensor controller of brushless dc motor drive, the main factor is reliability, audible noise and overall efficiency. Because of its structural design optimization, brushless dc motor controller reliability is higher, but considering the sensorless brushless dc motor drive controller, starting when the reliability is very important. To good control and measure can launch parameters, to ensure reliability of the sensorless start, controller of brushless dc motor drive with high programmability, thus it can be driven by a wide range of brushless dc motor controller. If the primary goal is to reduce the system cost, the general should pass to implement sensorless system, so that can save the hall sensors, the cost of wires and connectors. In addition, such as integrated with closed loop speed control function of the motor controller can even reduce or even remove the demand for system of microprocessor, which can further reduce the system cost. Brushless dc motor controller efficiency improvements can reduce the vibration of the brushless dc motor controller, as well as the brushless dc motor speed controller provides the ideal phase to achieve in advance. Brushless dc motor controller drives to advanced winding current drive motor controller algorithm and reduces the noise and vibration, thus can improve the efficiency. Automatic lead Angle adjustment can ensure the brushless dc motor controller controller driver efficiency under any speed automatic optimization. Details consultation: http://www. tcmotor。 com/15118744777
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