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Brushless motor gear motor controller is how to the controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-28
Wuxi co. , LTD. As a motor controller micro-motor controller manufacturers, has a wide selection of motor controller. Want to say with you about today brushless gear motor controller. 1. On the design of the brushless motor controller and high precision design of the planetary gear box; 2. Because of the insulation class F, so can bear the high temperature of 155 degrees; 3. Adopt imported mute bearing, for longer service life; 4. With high magnetic materials, making them smaller; 5. Gear grinding process, let it gear box has the characteristics of low noise, long service life; 6. Equipped with all kinds of drive, encoder, which can be used in all kinds of automation equipment. Above all, everyone of brushless gear motor controller is the controller whether understand.
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