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Brushless motor controller successfully launched a refrigerator condenser dedicated fan

by:Hoprio     2020-08-06
Should the customer request, motor controller is developing a new special brushless fan, refrigerator condenser has successful proofing, test result is very good. Will now be cixin brushless cooling fan B3020FA released information, welcome to call or letter consultation: telephone 400 - free of charge 0755 - 631, email the sales @ hengdrive. com。
- three-phase brushless dc fan Dedicated to refrigerator condenser fan
performance parameters: DC12V, load 1886 RPM, rated current zero. 21 a, the rated torque of 5.
1 MNM, output power 1 w matching motor controller: B3020S outer rotor three-phase brushless motor controller

more details, click B3020FA understanding.
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