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Brushless motor controller of three applications

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

the brushless motor controller since entering our country, because of its characteristics and unique advantages, has been widely used in many fields. Here, we learn about the brand of three major application fields of brushless motor controller is what? A, medical equipment in foreign countries, the use of brushless motor controller has become more common, can be used to drive the small artificial heart blood pump; In the early years will have a high and new technology enterprise of Beijing purchase brand brushless motor controller, used for blood recovery system, the separation of blood component in medical equipment research and development, such as visible, brushless motor controller has been used in the medical devices in China. Surgical instruments with high-speed, high-speed centrifuge, thermal imaging and temperature measuring instrument of infrared laser modulator is used by the brushless dc motor controller. Second, the industrial control field in recent years, due to the brushless motor controller technology mature gradually, the drive system in the industrial production distribution range is expanded, has gradually become the mainstream of the development of industrial motor. To reduce production cost and improve efficiency of study and try to have achieved significant benefits, each big machinery manufacturers are increasingly using different type of brushless motor controller to meet the needs of different drive system. At present, in the textile, printing, metallurgy, automation, numerical control machine tools, industrial production, such as production lines are using brushless dc motor controller. Three, automobile industry according to the analysis, the general family car need 20 - permanent magnet motor controller 30, while every limo to 59, in addition to the core engine, the electric door, automobile air conditioner, electric Windows have in areas such as the motor controller. With the development of automobile industry in the direction of the energy conservation and environmental protection, the use of motor controller must also satisfy the criteria for high efficiency and low energy consumption. The brushless motor controller of low noise, no spark interference, long service life, convenient advantages of centralized control in full compliance with, as its speed regulation technology is increasingly mature, will be more and more high cost performance, it in the car driven motor controller will be more widely applied in every link. Brushless motor controller, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, long service life, easy installation, industrial control, medical devices, more and more industries such as cars and use. Welcome to the brushless motor controller. Technical consultation hotline 13326768788 Kong Gong
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