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Brushless motor controller of power supply a new choice

by:Hoprio     2020-07-18

brushless motor controller selection and new customers all want batteries product has excellent reliability and long service life, such as hand-held power tools, portable medical devices and home automation products. With the rapid growth in the market of these products, battery has become the new hot spot, because if the battery quality is poor, it's easy to fever, serious or even explode, low battery life shortcomings. So manufacturers have gradually started to use with a new generation of lithium ion batteries. To be able to use a battery-powered motor controller choice is not much, brushless dc motor controller is battery-powered motor current controller one of optimal choice. Brushless dc motor controller is very suitable for the need of high reliability, high efficiency and high power density. Since there is no brush wear and replace, the reliability of brushless dc motor controller is very high. Life and much higher than it is to brush motor controller, which can greatly prolong the service life of products. On the other hand, the high energy density of lithium ion batteries is superior to other battery technologies ( Such as nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, or lead acid battery) One of the main advantages. Typically, lithium battery energy density for two to three times that of other battery technologies. High energy density can decrease the size of the battery pack, reduce the weight of the hand electric tools and further miniaturization. In addition, without any increase in the original battery pack size or weight, can prolong the work time of electric bicycle or wheelchair. Lithium-ion battery has been widely used in all kinds of consumer electronics products, such as smart phones and tablets, etc. Lithium-ion batteries for its superior energy density and the static charge loss characteristics of slow, become one of the most widely use batteries. Lithium-ion batteries used in consumer electronics products not only, and is more and more applied in the past use lead-acid battery products, such as golf carts, electric lawn mower. New type of lithium battery power brushless motor controller working hours, product reliability is higher, so as to promote the battery-powered electric product market development. Many products are upgrading the new battery, including hand drill, battery power tools such as chain saws, blower, and small electric vehicles ( Electric bicycle and wheelchair) And uninterrupted power supply, etc.
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