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Brushless motor controller launching products

by:Hoprio     2020-08-07
Recently, the motor controller B2838M co. , LTD. , to launch new products, the products are mainly used in household appliances, medical equipment, power tools, business equipment, personal care, etc.
as the standard for China's first class and general, whole series of brushless dc motor controller controller manufacturers, we screen bearing on the research and development of technology innovation, ensure to provide the best quality products to thank all new and old customers support and love. The main characteristic of this product is the function of steering signal, locking protection, low inertia, low noise, low electromagnetic interference, long life 10000 hours. Price higher than in the traditional sense of the motor controller, to meet the needs of different customers. The product rated voltage 12 v, no-load current zero. 09 a, no-load speed 3750 RPM, rated load current zero. 56. A, output power 6. 15, 130 MNM locked-rotor torque, locked-rotor current 3. 49A。 More details, please visit: http://www. hengdrive。 Com or email to: the sales @ hengdrive. com
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