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Brushless motor controller is the difference between with and without hall hall

by:Hoprio     2020-07-19

the brushless motor controller with and without hall hall is the difference between a lot of customers think that all is with hall sensor, brushless motor controller, but in fact the brushless motor controller can also be without hall sensor, today will explore the brushless motor controller together with you the difference between with and without hall hall. Brushless motor controller is divided into two, with and without hall hall specifically how to choose, to see whether the applications. A hall type is through motor controller signal sent by a hall element to judge the current state of the motor controller movement, and then the controller based on hall collected signal to control the output of the controller to supply power to the motor controller to keep the motor controller is normal work. Hall sensor which can detect the position of the rotor, stable starting motor controller. No hall type is the motor controller and hall sensors, the controller through the current collection to determine the current motion state, the motor controller and then control the controller output to supply power to the motor controller for motor controller. A hall type brushless motor controller and the controller when use stability, startup torque, no ring. No hole type brushless motor controller and the controller when use due to technical issues, it is not very stable, particularly in the early stage, poor stability, power is not enough. A hall brushless motor controller for now is relatively mature, more stable operation. Requirements for motor controller operation mode of equipment can be used without hall drive brushless motor controller. But the hall element is a container burn out components, so choose the appropriate manufacturer and qualified hall element is especially important. On the market, there are often undesirable businessman levels in C or D hall element change label as class B or class A hall element, ultimately affect the quality qualified rate; So the hall element of stable long-term cooperation supplier is particularly important, don't cry because it is the unit price cheap and literally change the supplier. Introduce advanced technology from Germany, brushless motor controller USES hall element with high quality and high quality parts, motor controller made every step after testing, before delivery after inspection, to ensure that the factory each motor controller are fine, ensure the quality of customer's use and service life.
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