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Brushless motor controller is high voltage driver formal research and development success!

by:Hoprio     2020-08-06
Electronic engineering research and development department colleagues today announced the good news, after continuous research and experiments, they have successfully developed match the brushless motor controller of high pressure drive, at present, AC110V - And DC80V - 230 v 380 v two plans, can match series brushless motor controller 42 mm in diameter and larger size of the product.

small dew below, first to be officially released, put high-definition pictures, for you to watch.

the success of the r&d project, widen the application range of the brushless motor controller, and simplifies the method of use, do not need to be rectified step-down more conducive to the customer directly replace the old motor controller. At present typical USES are:
1, air purifier, choose DC310V power supply is more, the optional model B4235M, B4260M, B5665M, B6030S, B8035M, specific selection according to the requirement of actual parameters.
2, heater, fan, fan, etc. , the original use ac induction motor controller, more choose AC220V high-voltage drive more appropriate. In addition, considering the load for the blades, it is recommended to use exterior rotor brushless dc motor controller B6020S or B6030S B8035M, specific selection according to the actual load.
3, other home appliances products, also choose AC220V high-pressure, can with B4260M, B5665M. B8035M brushless motor controller, etc.

if you have other high pressure requirements, please let us know the specific parameters requirements, we will recommend the right brushless motor controller for you to choose from.
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