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Brushless motor controller in the application of the life

by:Hoprio     2020-07-18

brushless motor controller in the application of life brushless motor controller the term although recently popular, people always think it is a high-tech product, very far away from the life, but in fact the brushless motor controller has already penetrated into the life of all walks of life, but I can't see you, or are you saw, didn't recognize it. Today to share some life come into contact with the brushless motor controller. 1. In the rise of household electrical appliances, the application of frequency conversion air conditioning make brushless motor controller in the air conditioning driven market share is gradually improving. In order to save cost and improve the stability of the control system of frequency conversion air conditioning compressor, air conditioning compressor basically adopts the sensorless control method of actual proof, after using sensorless control system not only reduced volume, and the system efficiency is improved. Disk brushless dc motor controller ( Single or double stator structure) of the stator In VCD and DVD is also widely used in household appliances such as spindle drive. At the same time, vacuum cleaners, blenders, electric hair dryer, cameras and household electric fans and other household appliances are also gradually adopts brushless dc motor controller instead of before use is more of a brushless dc motor controller, single phase asynchronous motor controller and variable voltage variable frequency drive type asynchronous motor controller. 2. Application of computer peripherals in the field of office automation and office automation equipment with motor controller, for the most part of advanced manufacturing technology and the emerging microelectronics technology with the combination of high-grade precision motor controller, is the technology intensive product. In hard disk drives, cd-rom drives, and floppy drive spindle motor controller, as well as digital cameras, laser printers, photocopiers, fax machines, tape recorders, LD driver of DVD and shredders and other office equipment, brushless dc motor controller has very good application. , of course, in addition to the above mentioned, there are many we usually have access to, such as brushless dc motor controller is used in the car. There are many we can't contact, such as aerospace using brushless dc motor controller, civilian and military robots and robotic arm driven applications.
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