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Brushless motor controller has an important role in the mechanical arm

by:Hoprio     2020-07-24

the traditional mode of production has been unable to meet the demand of enterprise modern production, many industrial robot system is added to the production line. Brushless motor controller because of its low power consumption, light quality, high reliability advantages for industrial robot system more and more attention and application. Mechanical arm is an important part of industrial robots, the brushless motor controller is an important component of the mechanical arm, if you want to design the mechanical arm structure is compact, flexible to use, you need to pay special attention to the selection of the brushless motor controller. Why do you say brushless motor controller occupies a very important role in mechanical arm? High quality mechanical arm stiffness and precision of the design; And robotic arms is a typical electromechanical integration products, in the structural design must consider when driving and control issues. The brushless motor controller is upstream of the mechanical arm. Colloquial words 'fish begins to stink at the head', 'cultural buildings from the ground up' all of these illustrate the importance of the fundamental component. Mechanical arm joint with the motor controller has always been the research emphasis of this field, the selection of the motor controller and its application in the relevant control strategy to a great extent, affects the operation cost, mechanical arm manipulator accuracy and long-term reliable operation of the mechanical arm. In many mechanical arm joints with motor controller, dc brushless motor controller with small volume, light weight, long service life, no carbon brush, the use of the advantages of low noise has been more and more to the industrial robot system. In science and technology developed today, artificial intelligence has gradually come into our life of the masses. Such as intelligent robot arm to production, production robot, on life, intelligent household, humanoid robot, intelligent sweeping machine and so on. The emergence of artificial intelligence, is in order to better the liberation of human hands, and let the machine to replace people go production work, thanks to a robot not fatigue, will greatly improve production efficiency. Believe that in the next few decades, the development of science and technology will promote the further development of artificial intelligence, many mechanical operation will be replaced by machines. Demand for the brushless motor controller will be more and more, it is also encouraging electromechanical technology spending brushless motor controller product research and development and production of power. More intelligent drive welcome to focus on the mechanical and electrical equipment.
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