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Brushless motor controller for maintenance 'tip'

by:Hoprio     2020-07-28
Brushless motor controller of electric cars is the power source of the whole car. In order to more effectively use equipment, strengthen equipment maintenance and repair is very necessary. At work, therefore, need to master the following maintenance methods: first the appearance inspection, check whether the fan is normal work, if there's any abnormal vibration of the shaft coupling is reliable, the base is fixed, the bearing is working correctly, the temperature is normal, the current is normal. In addition, the winding motor controller also should check the carbon brush and slip ring. If there are any abnormalities, one should be as soon as possible, brushless motor controller of electric vehicle maintenance and processing, otherwise it is serious, unable to deal with. At ordinary times, should pay attention to the maintenance of the electric car of the brushless motor controller: keep the motor controller is clean, no dust; Check the appearance of the motor controller, look to whether have parts dislocation; Regularly check the bearing whether to replace or oil, and check the input connector. If we want to maintain carefully brushless motor controller of electric cars, in the case of continuous running, routine maintenance is very important: motor controller to work, pay attention to the work environment, don't too bumpy in the state, in order to avoid damage to the motor controller or reduce its service life. In order to ensure product quality and performance, it is necessary to strictly according to the correct method and standard operation. At the same time, should strengthen the equipment maintenance and repair, it also can improve the performance of the equipment, prolong the service life of equipment.
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