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Brushless motor controller can use how long?

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

q of the service life of the brushless motor controller? Brushless motor controller can use how long? Asked like small make up carefully, not immediately give you answer this question, the analysis reason. Analysis also from several factors: there are factors of motor controller itself; Some factors for operation; Have a environmental factor, and brushless motor controller itself factors of three aspects: 1, the bearing life ( Once the bearing damaged need to replace bearing) 2, magnetic steel demagnetization ( The populace, the magnetization) unless you will 3, coil problem ( General ageing time for more than 10 years, how to avoid the coil aging? This don't let coil temperature is too high, to ensure the good heat dissipation, this can increase the life span. Overheating burn, of course, also belong to this category. ) Visible, bearing, the coil for the life of the brushless motor controller is very important. Don't think a small motor controller in the device location of small, very small, if you purchase the motor controller is low quality, and low-end brand motor controller used in materials such as bearings, the coil must be quality is bad, once out of the question, equipment to replace the motor controller, motor controller to replace bearing coil, think about all feel trouble. Two, and artificial operation factors, because there are differences between the motor controller to operating personnel technical level, and cause undue errors in operating the motor controller, such as just starting stop; Super load starting; Failure to launch, the damages of brushless motor controller, which affect the service life. Although the brushless motor controller of the many advantages to attract more users to use, but the small make up or it is strongly recommended that: if the brushless motor controller users don't understand, it is recommended to use familiar motor controller, or in the motor controller under the guidance of the manufacturer to use. Three, the environment factors of brushless motor controller should be ventilated, dry, non-corrosive gas, used under normal temperature, atmospheric pressure environment. If under the bad environment, corrosive gas, high humidity, vulnerable to environmental factors and the damage to the motor controller of electric performance and mechanical performance. So, must make the corresponding motor controller protective measures according to environmental conditions. So, was asked about the brushless motor controller can use how long? This really bad too arbitrary to answer, because the service life of it really related to many factors. Of course, good quality motor controller than poor quality controller and durable. Brushless motor controller to ensure that the unit controller motor controller is more durable than the same industry, reference from German technology, bearing, coil and other core materials are imported, and precision manufacturing technology, the quality of the multilayer detection, using brushless motor controller, electric energy conversion rate of more than 90%, 50% more energy efficient. Exports Europe and the United States, Japan and other nations, the motor controller, across more than 600 domestic cities, one of the best domestic brushless motor controller. Welcome the masses of friends to try brushless motor controller. Technical support engineer 13326768788 hole etc. These can be in trouble, and can be replaced. So the brushless motor controller can be thought of as infinite life.
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