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Brushless motor controller application sharing

by:Hoprio     2020-08-02
Small make up take you understand today brushless motor controller. Although in our country, the development of brushless motor controller for a short time, but with the increasingly mature and perfect technology, has been rapid development. Already in model aircraft, medical equipment, household appliances, electric cars, and other fields has been widely used, at the same time, preliminary formed in shenzhen, changsha, Shanghai and other places of industrial scale. In recent years, the brushless motor controller has become a rapid economic development in the field of the model is an important power. , because of the production and price, has been used in high-grade aviation model from the past, and now into the model in the field of all levels, from electric remote control cars to electric remote control boat to electric model plane, are everywhere. Above is the brushless motor controller knowledge sharing, hope for your help.
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