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Brushless motor controller and motor controller of the difference

by:Hoprio     2020-08-01
Brushless motor controller and motor controller differs a lot, today small make up for some of their differences. 1. Use effect: brushless motor controller is easy to implement from a few rotations per minute (RPM), into the tens of thousands of revolutions per minute, has the very strong controllability. With motor controller after start the work speed is constant, not easy to control, and no brushless motor controller of long service life. 2. Energy efficiency: because the brushless motor controller adopts frequency conversion control technology, so more brush motor controller is more energy-saving. 3. Maintenance aspects in the future: a motor controller need to replace the brush, if you don't change in time back to the damage to the motor controller, and brushless motor controller, a long service life, broken need to replace the motor controller, but basic don't need daily maintenance. Above is the brushless motor controller with motor controller differs from that of the hope to help everyone.
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