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Brushless motor controller and a motor controller of the advantages and disadvantages of sharing

by:Hoprio     2020-08-01
Brushless motor controller and a motor controller belong to the motor controller this category, but they each have advantages and disadvantages of each. Below small make up, and everyone said simply. Have a motor controller: the advantage is cheap, simple technology, can be in the hair dryer, electric motor factory, household applications smoke lampblack machine, etc. But the disadvantage is low conversion efficiency and noise when using relatively large, speed is not high also, short service life. Brushless motor controller: advantage is high speed, large output torque, and long service life, usually in model aircraft, precision instruments and meters for speed control of motor controller strictly in terms of the application. But the disadvantage is high technical requirements, and cost more expensive than a brush motor controller. Above is brushless motor controller and a motor controller, the interpretation of the hope to help you to understand them.
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