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Brushless dc motor in the application of optical switch

by:Hoprio     2020-08-08
The current communication field mainly includes the microwave communication, satellite communication and optical fiber communication and so much. Among them, the optical fiber communication has high transmission rate, simple equipment, long transmission distance, strong anti-jamming capability and the transmission loss is small, and many other advantages, is the main development direction in the field of modern communication, has become one of the main technology of modern information highway communication network.
optical fiber communication system involves the optical switch, optical isolator, optical attenuator, optical coupler and optical wavelength division multiplexer, and other devices. Optical switch is one of the important device, its main function is to realize the optical fiber communication system between a pair or number of fiber optic light path switching to each other. It is a closely integrated optical, mechanical and electrical integrated device. Its performance has an important influence on the communication of the whole system. There are many kinds of optical fiber type also. Also has the advantages and disadvantages, different types of different.
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