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Brushless dc motor controller selection

by:Hoprio     2020-07-18

brushless dc motor controller type brushless dc motor controller features 1, precise structure, economy applicable: motor controller is designed specifically for the production of brushless dc motor controller for the motor controller life, reliability, appearance size and limit the use of environmental conditions have special requirements of various places. 2, high reliability and durability: production brushless motor controller of brushless dc motor controller is based on the German imported technology and production. The rotor made of rare earth materials, motor controller and power/volume and power/weight ratio is extremely high, at the same time, speed and load capacity is also very strong. 3, brushless electronic commutation: production brushless motor controller of brushless dc motor controller through built-in hall element to realize reversing. Its salient features are linear servo control features, and the lack of traditional dc motor controller because the cogging effect caused by the torque loss. 4, no commutation spark, security, environmental protection, because there is no brush wear, so the brushless dc motor controller not only service life is very long, and there is no commutation spark, use more safety and environmental protection. 5, there is no cogging effect: like traditional dc motor controller, due to the cogging effect caused by the torque loss, rotating magnetic cylinder and magnetic flux loop, reduce leakage, so the motor controller with high efficiency. 6, rotor dynamic balance, peace, smooth operation. 7, internal drive circuit; Very convenient also match different high-precision planetary gear reducer, gain more when low speed large torque output. Application field of brushless dc motor controller in the production of brushless dc motor controller structure of precision, long service life and high reliability, especially the super quiet operation and low level of noisy. More worthy of special attention to rare earth materials rotor and the organic combination of imported German technology, to ensure the brushless dc motor controller output torque and maximum dynamic response index. Field and USES: household appliances, medical equipment, peristaltic pump, security monitoring equipment, electric tools, audio equipment, commercial equipment, and other industrial equipment widely used in cutting, grinding, drilling, transport and other purposes. Brushless motor controller selection parameters, power supply voltage (1 V) : 2, rated power output ( W) : 3, rated load torque ( Nm) : 4, rated speed ( RPM) : 5, motor controller rotation direction: clockwise, counterclockwise, good or poor all need 6, motor controller serial working cycle: continuous, under 10 minutes, 30 points below, more than 30 points in 7, excitation mode: 8, environment: indoor and outdoor, ocean, high pressure, high temperature, high humidity, corrosive gas in 9, flange structure: square round 10 largest outside diameter, motor controller ( mm) 11, height of motor controller (: mm) : 12, the shaft diameter: 13, whether you need to match reducer: 14, noise requirements: 15, whether matching brake: 16, whether to need to precise positioning:
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