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Brushless dc motor controller of research and development ability is stronger

by:Hoprio     2020-07-22

manufacturer of brushless dc motor controller of the brushless dc motor controller with powerful r&d ability manufacturers shipped to control its institute set up their own motor controller, with a powerful motor controller design, electronics design, technological equipment design, manufacturing and research and development processing center four major research and development team, has experienced the motor controller design, electronic design engineers, process engineers, tooling design, research and development, manufacturing processing center, senior technical engineers, the first-class research and development personnel, with more than 20 invention patent, created a lot of the industry. Professional talent guarantee first-class products! All the products of research and development with the help of the powerful and perfect design software and CAE simulation system; Optimization design throughout the design, manufacture, test process; Professional motor controller integrated test system to provide the products detailed test data, ensure the product conformance with the design requirements; Strict and scientific production process to ensure the quality of the products and the scale of production capacity. Research and development of brushless dc motor controller is the four big series more than 10 kinds of motor controller, from research and development, trial production to mass production. R&d products mainly relates to mobile communication base station power automatic management system, and new energy hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles, and other fields, mainly have a portable mobile generator controller controller and the control group, the electric car motor drive system, electric vehicles standby generator controller, etc. In product design innovative use of international and domestic nanometer material, make the motor controller in terms of efficiency, volume and power density is reached a level, realize the new breakthrough in the field of motor controller. http://www。 tcmotor。 Com/foshan electrical and mechanical equipment co. , LTD. , brushless motor controller, brushless dc motor controller, dc servo motor controller, planetary reducer, brushless drive, electrical and mechanical, foshan electrical and mechanical equipment co. , LTD
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