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Brushless dc motor controller, manufacturer of brushless motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

foshan electrical and mechanical equipment co. , LTD. ( Mechanical and electrical) To achieve strategic cooperation with Germany company, focused on the production of brushless dc motor controller. Is the application of German technology, imported materials, manufacturer of brushless dc motor controller. Mechanical and electrical factory has the advanced, sophisticated manufacturing equipment, high technology of German technical guidance, the domestic high-quality technical team, to create new and high technology and innovative companies, efficient brushless dc motor controller products for customers and strategic partners to provide more perfect, more efficient, the most reliable products and services. Rattan machine core products are: production of brushless dc motor controller, precision planetary reducer, gear reducer, worm gear and worm reducer, brushless dc servo motor controller and drive more than 100 kinds of products/specifications, such as driving equipment for various industries to provide a continuous source of power. The benefits of using brushless dc motor controller: (1) motor controller with high efficiency, especially in the load within the scope of the case, the motor controller can still keep high efficiency, it is very important for precious battery power. (2) the wide speed range and the motor controller can run tall in the low speed range. (3) overload capacity is strong, can meet the needs of equipment projections blocked. (4) no mechanical commutator, adopts fully enclosed structure, prevent dust from entering the motor controller, high reliability. (5) motor control system than asynchronous motor controller is simple. 6. Low noise, meet the requirements of environmental protection index of Europe and America brushless dc motor controller is used in electric light source products equipment, electronic equipment, sewage treatment equipment, lithium battery equipment, logistics equipment, medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, hardware machinery, blood dialysis machine, coating machines, textile machines, filling machines, automatic feeder, livestock machinery, farming machinery, CNC machine tools, industrial robots, packing machines, carton machine, engraving machine, injection molding machine, air compressor, and general machinery automation control and new energy electric cars. Brushless motor controller manufacturers since its inception, adhering to the strategy of sustainable development of the idea of raising the quality of the motor controller, together with the users to become the world's leading in motor drive and control of the controller supplier goals! Production of brushless dc motor controller with a low noise, high transmission efficiency, simple structure, reliable operation, easy control, etc have been exported to 20 countries around the world, domestic 34 provinces and cities, has for all walks of life to provide products and services for more than a decade, the world a us-funded enterprise exceeds 50, with down never appear quality complaints, was named the trusted brand unit. Will continue to maintain a 'professional, dedicated, innovation, service' business philosophy, long-term cooperation with industry users hand in hand, the development of more high-end brushless motor controller and supporting reducer, the use of meet the market demand.
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