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Brushless dc motor controller maintenance method

by:Hoprio     2020-07-17

good motor controller selection successfully applied to the equipment, is not the end of the motor controller is used in the daily use of equipment, to ensure that the motor controller continues to play the highest working efficiency, also need to the maintenance motor controller. This article mainly aims at the maintenance of the brushless dc motor controller. Brushless dc motor controller has both ac motor controller is simple, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, and dc motor controller running with high efficiency and good speed regulating performance advantages, but also because without being limited by the mechanical commutator, easy to accomplish the large capacity, high speed, in the aerospace, military industry, CNC, metallurgy, medical equipment and other fields has a broad application prospect. In recent years, the club step motor controller of the brushless dc product shipments are growing. In order to make the function of the brushless dc motor controller gets better play, it is important to note that the daily maintenance and maintenance. In everyday use, we can through the following method prolongs the service life of the motor controller, raise the use efficiency of the motor controller. Brushless dc motor controller maintenance methods: 1, familiar with brushless dc motor speed controller structure features and maintenance technical requirements; 2, select the disintegration of the motor controller working site, clean up the environment; 3, in order to further understand the defects in operation of the brushless dc motor controller, conditional when can do a inspection before disassembly test; 4, brushless dc motor controller before disassembly, want to use compressed air to blow the net surface dust, motor controller and scraped clean surface dirt; 5, ready to collapse the required tools, Including special tools) And equipment; 6, cut off power supply, dismantling motor controller external wiring, recorded.
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