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Brushless dc motor controller is used in the industries of variable frequency regulating

by:Hoprio     2020-07-19

brushless dc motor controller in the application of variable frequency regulating industry in industrial applications, there are many occasions need use speed regulating motor controller, in the most of the existing control application is done with variable frequency speed regulation system, is by frequency converter speed control, in some high-end applications will use to the servo system, but in general, because of the high cost of the servo system is hard to spread to all walks of life. The emergence of the brushless dc motor controller, however, in the gradual change of existing pattern. Because speed brushless dc motor controller is convenient, the cost relative to the servo system is much lower, so the customer is more easy to accept. Brushless dc motor controller is a kind of electric current pulse can be limited within 5% of the five level inverter, if do not use the PWM speed regulation, and use with the winding motor controller to change the counter electromotive force changes in pick up on the three-phase winding voltage method, can greatly reduce the current ripple, reach the purpose of reduce the eddy current loss and torque pulsation. The fundamental reason is that, in the motor controller of three-phase winding voltage PWM modulation voltage is no longer a fixed value, but the dc voltage change with counter electromotive force. Use of brushless dc motor controller for regulating range and power are very small, do not need to use the multilevel inverter. If use multilevel inverter structure, not only increased the complexity of circuit, also make the tiny current pulse is unable to avoid. As a result, the variable voltage dc power supply is more appropriate choice, in the future the system design, the choice of voltage-controlled voltage source is likely to be key to a circuit's electrical performance. Compared with other types of motor, brushless dc motor has a superior performance, has been widely penetrated into daily life and industrial equipment field, has the good market prospect. As the brushless dc motor controller, of course, technology matures, more and more enterprises especially the pressure regulating frequency conversion industries begin to contact and brushless dc motor controller in the application of its products.
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