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Brushless dc motor controller is how to achieve speed

by:Hoprio     2020-07-26
Brushless dc motor controller is a direct current can be turned into mechanical energy or can convert mechanical energy into direct current motor controller. So what's the speed regulation method it? Below small make up and you say. 1. Change the armature loop resistance to speed: speed by changing the armature loop resistance, when the load reaches a certain extent, as the series of the external resistance increases, the armature circuit the total resistance will also increase, results in the decrease of motor speed. Available contactor or main switch resistance to change. 2. Change the armature voltage control: the use of continuous change the way the armature voltage, ensure the dc motor controller can be implemented in a very wide range stepless speed regulation. 3. Change the field current speed: when the armature voltage constant, but by changing the excitation current of dc motor controller for speed control. Above is way of speed control of brushless dc motor controller, you can look at.
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