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Brushless dc motor controller is a new type of controller, the development of advantage is embodied in two aspects

by:Hoprio     2020-07-16

for all small to medium-sized robots the size of the drive, such as the choice of drive motor controller is usually brush dc motor controller, brushless dc motor controller, stepper motor controller and the servo motor controller, etc. A brushless dc motor controller is the original dc motor controller technology, the most simple structure, is also the lowest cost. Due to the contact between the brush and the rotor, the rotation of the rotor motor controller will switch ( The reversing) The magnetic field around the rotor winding. The speed of the motor controller is a function of applied voltage, so the driver request is not high, but it is difficult to manage torque. Because the brush wear, need to clean up, maintenance, and may become the electronic noise ( The electromagnetic interference) Factors such as work and reliability problems. As a result of the existence of these problems, in most cases, the most in the design of brushless dc motor controller has become a robot is not an attractive option. Brushless dc motor controller is a new type of controller, the advantage of the brushless dc motor controller is embodied in the development of two aspects: the first is to use the strong permanent magnets, small size, low cost; The second is to use small size high efficiency electronic switch to switch to winding current. 'Electronic commutation' replaced with mechanical brush motor controller in always control the switch of the magnetic field, on the fixed switch coil with a rotation around the core of the interaction between the magnets to replace the mechanical commutator brush motor controller, it is using the interaction between the magnetic and electric fields. In addition, relative to the motor controller, the motor controller controller can better control the controller performance. Compared with a brush motor controller, brushless dc motor controller, while the need for more complex control circuit of but can show a better performance. Brushless dc motor controller usually needs a position feedback sensors, such as hall effect sensors, optical encoder, or counter electromotive force detection device. With the progress of technology, including by improving motor control and sensing will create new opportunities brought about by the executed precisely, the prospect of the robot is very considerable. In the field of sensing, control, and motor controller is the key to revolution will continue to affect change of robot technology. Mechanical and electrical supply various types of brushless dc motor controller, welcome to focus on the mechanical and electrical, url WWW. tcmotor。 com
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