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Brushless dc motor controller in the field of the application of the car

by:Hoprio     2020-08-08
Recently, we have a lot of customers choose B3640 used in car pump, actually we have a lot of model brushless motor controller can be used in the automotive field, in the previous sections have I talk to you about brushless dc motor in the application of traffic tools such as automobile, motorcycle, light, or I talk to you today what can to brushless dc in the automobile industry.

power transmission: cooling fan module, AC fan module, water pump, electric control system of sensible heat fan, oil pump, circulating pump,
ETC, E - Drive GAS, fuel pump, pump
: car headlamps regulator, side mirror regulator climate control regulator, door locks, washing pump, headlight scrubber, antenna warning lights, electric seat regulator, electric Windows, window regulator, pedal regulator, waist by the regulator, air conditioning and ventilation system, electrical control system:
chassis ABS pump, electric braking, four axis drive transfer case, transfer case shift, wipers, hydraulic pump, steering lock, electronic steering, steering controller, air pump, suspension system
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