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Brushless dc motor controller in the application of the computer system

by:Hoprio     2020-08-08
With the rapid development of science and technology, computers have entered the innumberable families. At present the information industry in the developed countries of the world is changing to move forward. Also the information industry in China as a national focus on the development of high and new technology is one of the pillar industries. From the Angle of information, the main functions of the computer can be divided into information acquisition, transmission, processing and storage and so much. Computer peripheral storage device is used to store all kinds of information from the computer data, typically have tape memory, hard disk, memory, etc. Various type and cd-rom diskette storage, the spindle motor are invariably adopt high precision brushless dc motor. Small make up before the market application of brushless motor controller made a general introduction, the following will talk about brushless dc motor controller in detail the application of the computer system.
( 1) In the application of the floppy disk drive
the floppy disk drive is the current main computer storage devices, one of the high performance-to-price ratio, simple structure, convenient use, low requirements for the environment, and is a member of the microcomputer in the input and output devices are indispensable. The rotational speed of spindle motor controller general of 360 r/min, running steady speed precision up to 0. Operating life of 1%, over 1000 h.
( 2) In the application of the hard drive
hard disk drive is peripheral storage devices of computer major, is a concentration of magnetism, electronics, precision machinery and different subjects such as aerodynamics, in the integration of high-tech products.
( 3) In the application of the optical drive
cd-rom as a new type of laser information storage device, has a large empty volume, high reliability, strong anti-interference, can be used in harsh environments, dielectric characteristics of long service life and the disc can be replaced, good to make up for a floppy disk storage capacity is not big, and disc is not easy to change the disadvantage of hard disk storage, now has become a general configuration of a computer system.
( 4) In the application of the tape backup device
in the tape drive, magnetic head of the upper and lower track, a total of 16 ~ 32 it is far better than the general audio tape recorder in the four track, it to the accuracy requirement of the brushless dc motor is much higher.
( 5) In the application of computer ventilation cooling device
the end of the 20th century, with the rapid development of microelectronics industry and microfabrication technology, computer increasingly to speed up the upgrading, CPU chip integration and increasing clock frequency, the model from the late 1980 s & other; 286' 、“ 386' - - - Until the 1990 s & other Pentium 4 & throughout; - - - - With the integration of computer chip increased significantly, guest tube core calorific value per unit area is also rising. In order to reduce the need to install a special cooling fan on the CPU. In addition, in order to reduce the temperature inside the case, also need to install ventilation cooling fan. Therefore the ventilation cooling device becomes the indispensable equipment in the modern computer. And its driving motor adopts brushless dc motor.
B3657M developed motor controller, B4260M ( Specific object as shown in the figure below) Such kinds of brushless dc motor can be used in a variety of computer systems, welcome new and old customers advisory for details.

figure 1: B3657M brushless dc motor controller physical figure

figure 2: B4260M brushless dc motor controller physical figure
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