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Brushless dc motor controller in the application of electric tools

by:Hoprio     2020-08-08
After small make up the front several chapter of introduction, everybody to the brushless motor controller in the application of all walks of life a general understanding, or by I give everybody under the introduction to the brushless motor controller - the application in the field of another - - - Electric tools.
1. Portable tool: electric drill, handheld vacuum cleaners, electric saw, electric screwdriver, grinding machine, electric carving, hot air guns.
2. Gardening and outdoor products: electric hedge shears, lawn mower, Cable) Leaves, outdoor spray, cleaning machine, mower, trimming machine, small tools, air pump, water pump, pesticides, chemical fertilizers pump, sewage pump

our company launched, B2238M, B3640M, B3657M, B4260M, B4280M etc can be used in the above areas, of course, you can also accept ODM.

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