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Brushless dc motor controller in the application of coaxial strip line

by:Hoprio     2020-07-18

brushless dc motor controller on the coaxial strip line application of coaxial wire stripping machine plays an important role in the wiring harness industry. The coaxial wire stripping machine currently on the market is divided into semi-automatic coaxial wire stripping machine and automatic wire stripping machine. Semi-automatic easy to use, processing speed, have the function of the wire stripping and twisting line. While automatic wire stripping machine with cutting, stripping, twisting the three functions in one, set the required parameters, can automatically complete all process, high efficiency. Today we speak of 57 brushless motor controller in the application of the coaxial wire stripping machine, mainly for the application of semi-automatic coaxial wire stripping machine. Semi-automatic coaxial wire stripping machine, small size, light aircraft, simple to use convenient. This needs drive the peeling of four slices of v-shaped blade cutter do high-speed rotating motor controller, to a small, high efficiency, high speed, stable, delicate, etc. There is no doubt that in such an environment, brushless dc motor controller is a choice. Since the advent of coaxial wire stripping machine, 57 brushless motor controller, it ACTS as one of the important role. 57 brushless motor controller, the application of power ranging from 69 w to 120 w. Because coaxial wire stripping machine chassis space is limited, so the use of 57 brushless motor controller, are all round flange end cover, to reduce the space, convenient installation, and so on. Motor controller at run time, the need to drive the wire stripping tool high-speed operation, 57 brushless motor controller, supporting with good drive, in the work, has quick start, high speed, quiet, low jitter, etc. At the same time, the control method is simple, easy to control. Select the manufacturer of high quality on the market, 57 brushless motor controller is more stable when using, more durable. 57 brushless motor controller, the use of drive, generally has the speed, reversing, start-stop function, the use of voltage VVDC - 24 50 VDC, commonly used driving voltage applied to the coaxial wire stripping machine generally is 24 v, the power size motor controller, general power for the motor controller power of 1. 5 - More than 2 times. A quality stable and reliable performance of the drive, combined with emphasis has been placed on the precise 57 hall brushless motor controller, is a high-performance coaxial wire stripping machine quality is the foundation and the guarantee. No flash electric focus on brushless dc brushless motor controller and driver, controller production research and development, is your safe brushless motor controller of choice!
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