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Brushless dc motor controller hall control precision

by:Hoprio     2020-07-18

brushless dc motor controller control precision hall as a brushless dc motor controller for speed control of motor, its speed control precision of high and low for a long time to become the industry to the object of study, each manufacturer wants to make more high speed control precision of brushless dc motor controller. With high speed precision calibration of brushless dc motor controller is more favored by users. But the current is still in Europe and the United States and the Japanese advanced technology becomes more mature, the domestic manufacturers of continued after. Speed control precision of the brushless dc motor controller is subject to the control of brushless dc motor controller is not for performance, good drive, brushless dc motor controller with excellent algorithm and its powerful ability of current sampling and control the speed of the motor controller can be controlled in the range of the accuracy of one over one thousand. But only good brushless dc motor drive controller is one of the essential requirements of good precision of speed control, the other is a necessary condition of the brushless dc motor controller set-up hall position precision is also need to maintain a higher level. The current domestic manufacturers, most of the brushless dc motor controller for the motor controller hall position calibration are not fully appreciated, and at the same time there is no such position precision detection means. Generally speaking, the position of the hole in the motor controller assembly, should use the necessary work to ensure that, at the same time, early in the product design flow is produced, the application scope, for the finalize the design of brushless dc motor controller products to finalize the design confirmation, to ensure the hole position accuracy to ensure that in within the error range of about 1 degree, is possible and is of high precision of brushless dc motor controller driver form a good match, to achieve high performance of the system. Brushless motor controller as a brushless motor controller manufacturing enterprises, have their own research and development team, from Germany to introduce advanced brushless dc technology, attaches great importance to the accuracy of hole location at the same time, to in every detail, the speed of brushless dc motor controller to improve control precision.
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