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Brushless dc motor controller advantages you grasp how much

by:Hoprio     2020-07-28
As a kind of synchronous motor controller, the speed of the rotor by the speed of the stator rotating magnetic field and the influence of the number of rotor poles. Brushless dc motor controller with ac motor controller has a simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance and a series of advantages, and high efficiency, speed regulation of dc motor controller operation performance is good, and many other advantages. Brushless dc motor controller is the most important part of its control structure. It drives can control the rotor speed is constant, the more stable performance. Brushless dc motor controller is a kind of low power motor controller using electronic commutation. Brushless dc motor controller is widely used in modern production equipment, instruments, computer peripheral equipment and household appliances. Brushless dc motor controller performance advantage is what? 1, high efficiency; General controller of brushless dc motor efficiency can reach above 96%, and the efficiency of the traditional dc motor controller is in commonly 75%. High efficiency, high energy conversion, high power motor controller converts rotating mechanical energy, direct performance is energy saving, energy saving more than 20% than traditional motor controller. Run for a long time, if the motor controller using brushless dc motor controller of electricity a year can save a motor controller, the long-term use of higher cost performance. Although the purchase of the brushless dc motor controller was a higher price than the traditional motor controller, but the energy saving effect is very obvious. 2, long service life; Because the carbon brush wear, with traditional brush motor controller usually require frequent replacement and maintenance. However, the service life of the brushless dc motor controller is usually more than 20000 hours. Under normal working conditions, they can use more than 5 years without damage. As a result, the service life of the brushless dc motor controller is 5 times of the traditional motor controller. 3, low noise; Due to its simple structure, component installation accuracy, smooth operation, work voice below 50 db, many medical equipment due to its quiet performance brushless dc motor controller. However, the traditional motor controller need to replace carbon brush, it can't achieve the sealing performance. Carbon brush wear produces friction noise, the noise is generally in more than 60 db, cannot satisfy the requirement of high noise equipment. Brushless dc motor controller also has low speed, high torque, communication control, such as intelligent control performance, more and more get the welcome of equipment manufacturer. With the popularity of consumers intelligent application, brushless dc motor controller will get more extensive application.
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