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Brushless dc motor application example of the double pump

by:Hoprio     2020-08-05
Pump is one of the brushless motor controller application products, today and everyone to share a double pump application cases.

the customer from jiangsu, has branches in Tibet, mainly engaged in the study of gas separation oxygen technology, change the pressure swing adsorption system of medical oxygen, plateau oxygen, a portable oxygen, large oxygen and other industrial products. Cooperation with motor controller, began with a double pump product research and development. Before this, the customer has been producing single head pump, and this project is to change the single head to double. Because is the new product research and development, out of confidentiality, the customer provides only simple information at the beginning, as follows: is double pump requirements, export under the pressure of 150 kpa, the flow rate can reach 15 l/min, control the input power a 80 w, speed over 1400, the voltage is 12 v, hope we can help him calculate the rated load.

we according to the relevant experience of pump application, quick to calculate the needed to meet customer requirements of motor controller parameters: DC12V, 340 MNM, 1410 RPM, the output power of 50 w. Combined with double pump the customer request, the recommended standard general-purpose B5685M, brushless motor controller of the brushless dc motor controller 56 mm outside diameter, dual axis, can easily meet the performance needs of customers. After preliminary confirmation size, our engineering department provides a detailed outline drawing and performance curve, according to the process to arrange the sample production after customer sign back.

the above is a double pump brushless motor controller application case, more commercial case, please focus on the website.
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