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British agent brushless motor controller with customer visit

by:Hoprio     2020-08-06
On June 5, 2014, motor controller MC visiting British agents. MC's visit has two purposes, one is the brushless motor controller project negotiations, the other one is their customers to visit the factory, please. In addition to arrange relevant engineer and MC project discusses brushless motor, our company is in charge of production and technology vice President responsible for customers to visit the project with the MC and the entire English interpretation, nice talking to both sides.

MC the come here mainly talk about the two projects: brushless motor controller B2418M and B3640G. About B2418M project, small batch sample for the first time has passed, customers are very satisfied with the result of the test, this is mainly to the poles to grade 12, every turn six pulse output, other all don't change, then do small batch sample again, after the test pass will be the official order. About B3640G project, the main talk about two points, one is the ascertainment of the range of working voltage, the working voltage of the conventional brushless motor controller is eight 26 v, customers to use the rechargeable battery in the case of charging the highest voltage need to be further confirmed; Second, customers want the connector and pin needle details update to the drawings, this is no problem. This gear motor brushless controller also has carried on the small batch sampling test.

MC in the process of visit customers with our vice President to chat very happy, but also for our B3650M and B5685M series brushless motor controller is very interested, hope we provide specific performance graph data for their confirmation. We also hope to have more cooperation projects and customers, to achieve win-win situation.
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