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AGV automatic special handling robot brushless motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-21

foshan electrical and mechanical equipment production brushless motor controller has a long history, nearly a year or two for AGV robot to carry special brushless motor controller production equipment, more and more. Although small make up this unit brushless motor controller such as refers to the shore, but for the emerging of AGV automatic handling robot was once quite strange. After a turn, have to sincerely respect initially developed AGV automatic handling robot developers, choose brushless motor controller to special parts, it is indeed. The next article will share AGV robot to carry the characteristics of the brushless motor controller, benefits are those. First of all, we do not prevent to know is what east east AGV automatic handling robots. AGV automatic handling and is called the AGV robot, automatic car navigation, laser navigation. On its salient features are unmanned, AGV is equipped with automatic guidance system, can guarantee system in the case of do not need artificial pilot along the intended route automatic driving, can carry the goods or materials will be automatically from starting point to destination. AGV moving robot is characterized by good flexible, high degree of automation and intelligent level is high, the motion of the AGV path can be in accordance with the requirements of warehouse goods, production process, such as change and flexible change, and change the cost of running path compared with the traditional conveyer belt and the rigidity of transmission line is very low. AGV generally equipped with loading and unloading of institutions, and other logistics equipment automatic interface, realize the goods and material handling and handling the whole process of automation. In addition, the AGV also has the characteristics of clean production, AGV rely on built-in battery powered, no noise, no pollution during the operation, can be applied in many demanding work environment clean. Motor controller is the most core components of AGV automatic handling robot, the stand or fall of motor controller, nature also determines the AGV automatic handling performance of the robot. Considering the limited space, choosing motor controller, can choose a brushless dc motor controller, can also choose to have a dc motor controller. But brushless motor controller to these advantages to win a brush motor controller, the following the advantage: we know the brushless motor controller together with the power, the brushless motor controller, smaller volume, 30% smaller than a brush motor controller, electric energy conversion rate above 80%, and 50% of energy than a conventional motor controller, brushless motor controller can run 20000 hours continuously trouble-free dispensing with maintenance, all with brushless motor controller of AGV robot automatic handling, mobile can achieve 360 degrees, the startup time is less than 0. 2 milliseconds, motor controller is not easy to burn out. So as, according to the development trend of the AGV robot using brushless motor controller has become the choice of the optimal solution. In addition to the AGV robot to carry, brushless motor controller is still in mobile lifting machines, automatic wire stripping machine, automatic mechanical transmission equipment such as computer edge grinding machine, is used for the motor controller needs automation equipment manufacturers can focus on foshan electrical and mechanical equipment co. , LTD
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