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After B2838 motor controller and new product on the market

by:Hoprio     2020-08-07
As China's largest producer of brushless motor controller, motor controller under the effective leadership at the top, has recently launched a product B3630M. The appearance of the product to the general household appliances, medical equipment, power tools, business equipment and personal care manufacturers such as much a choice. Now it is worth mentioning that the product is oxygen generator brushless motor controller is preferred. The main characteristic of the product for the turn signal function, locking protection, low inertia, low noise, low electromagnetic interference, long life 10000 hours; Rated voltage 12 v, no-load current zero. 064 a, no-load speed 1420 RPM, rated load current zero. 19 a, output 1. 15, locked-rotor torque 40. 9 MNM, locked-rotor current zero. 569A。 More details, please visit: http://www. hengdrive。 Com or email to: the sales @ hengdrive. com
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