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Advance in brushless dc motor controller and the main factors of market

by:Hoprio     2020-07-22

push brushless dc motor controller is the main factors of technology and market booming 1, permanent magnet brushless dc motor controller, its performance obvious advantages, in many areas of the competition, the permanent magnet brushless dc motor controller has constantly replace brush dc motor controller and induction motor controller, and get more and more widely used. 2, the progress of the new type of high performance permanent magnetic materials technology, power semiconductor devices and the progress of the special control integrated circuit, a new control strategy, promote advances in permanent magnet brushless dc motor controller itself. 3, in all walks of life is becoming more and more urgent to energy saving and speed regulating control requirement, especially in the field of industrial drive and household appliances drive, energy conservation and efficient is the requirements of environmental protection, efficiency index has gradually become the market access conditions, even be accepted for the national standards, international standards, making the whole machine designers have to adopt, the application has a higher efficiency of brushless dc motor controller. http://www。 tcmotor。 Com foshan electrical and mechanical equipment co. , LTD. , brushless motor controller, brushless dc motor controller, dc servo motor controller, planetary reducer, brushless drive, electrical and mechanical, foshan electrical and mechanical equipment co. , LTD
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