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AC induction motor using installation considerations

by:Hoprio     2020-07-25
AC induction motor:

1. Using the environment temperature - 10 ~ + 50 ( When single-phase and three-phase 220 v / 230 v: - 10 ~ + 40) , environment humidity below 85%.

2. Please avoid direct sunlight, moisture, oil and gas, dust environment.

3. Please avoid using occasions, a vibration impact of fierce level of gas explosion, corrosive gas

4. Installation method: motor itself can be installed in horizontal or vertical direction.

the environment.

5. Pay attention to the center alignment and mechanical link, para if inaccurate, will produce vibration, shorten the service life of motor and reducer bearing, more serious will lead to the discharge damage and fatigue.

6. Coupling installed on the axis of the motor or accelerator, pulley, gear transmission machinery, such as not open directly with tool knock on axis installation, otherwise the damage of the motor and deceleration machine internal bearing.
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