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A few of the advantages of the motor characteristics

by:Hoprio     2020-07-24
Feature 1: low temperature rise. High efficiency. Province electricity energy, DC brushless motor full load when the operating temperature of the highest do not exceed 50 & deg; C, the output conversion efficiency can reach 80% ~ 85%. 2:

characteristics all have the same torque when high speed and low speed, general AC speed regulating motor torque and subject to change due to the difference of running speed, low speed torque is small, only about a third of the at a high speed.

the three characteristics: small volume, save installation space, met a big reduction ratio does not need to add the middle speed reducer, 100 than the general motor and reducer need to add another intermediate reducer, such general motors ontology can lengthen a lot!

the four characteristics: TROY motor with low speed rate of change, high speed stability, with speed tracking compensation function. The speed rate of change is in the plus or minus 1 RPM/min ( At rated load)

5 characteristics: high motor response, low vibration, smooth running smoothly and general AC motor responsiveness is poor, jitter, operation process is not stable!

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