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A Beginner's Guide to Using a Brushless Angle Grinder

by:Hoprio     2023-07-23

A Beginner's Guide to Using a Brushless Angle Grinder


If you are new to using power tools, the brushless angle grinder may seem intimidating at first. However, with the right knowledge and precautions, it can become a valuable addition to your toolkit. In this beginner's guide, we will walk you through the basics of using a brushless angle grinder and provide you with essential tips for safe and efficient operation.

1. Understanding the Brushless Angle Grinder

Before diving into the specifics, let us understand what a brushless angle grinder actually is. Unlike traditional angle grinders that typically use carbon brushes to transfer electrical current to the rotor of the motor, brushless angle grinders eliminate the need for these brushes, which increases efficiency and reduces maintenance requirements.

2. Safety Precautions

Before using any power tool, safety should always be your top priority. Here are a few essential safety precautions to follow when using a brushless angle grinder:

a. Wear Proper Protective Gear: Always wear safety goggles, a dust mask, and ear protection to shield yourself from flying debris and loud noise.

b. Choose the Right Disc: Select the appropriate disc for the task at hand. Ensure that the disc is compatible with the angle grinder and rated for the specific material you are working with.

c. Secure the Workpiece: Properly secure the workpiece in a vice or with clamps to prevent it from moving while you are cutting or grinding.

d. Maintain a Stable Stance: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, maintaining a stable posture while operating the angle grinder.

e. Switch Off and Unplug: Before changing discs, adjusting settings, or performing any maintenance, switch off the grinder and unplug it from the power source.

3. Getting Started

Now that we have covered the safety basics, let us dive into how to use a brushless angle grinder effectively:

a. Familiarize Yourself with the Components: Take a moment to identify the key parts of the angle grinder, such as the grinder guard, side handle, on/off switch, and disc locking mechanism.

b. Inserting the Disc: To attach or change a disc, ensure that the grinder is switched off and unplugged. Press and hold the spindle lock button, then use a disc wrench to loosen and remove the flange nut. Insert the desired disc and tighten it securely before releasing the spindle lock button.

c. Adjusting the Guard: Before starting, ensure that the grinder guard is properly positioned to provide maximum protection. Adjust the guard by loosening the locking screw, rotating it into position, and then tightening the screw.

d. Powering On and Off: To turn on the grinder, firmly press the on/off switch. Allow the grinder to reach full speed before gently bringing it in contact with the workpiece. To switch off the grinder, release the on/off switch and wait for the disc to come to a complete stop before setting it down.

4. Tips for Efficient Use

To get the most out of your brushless angle grinder, keep the following tips in mind:

a. Start with Light Pressure: When grinding or cutting, start with light pressure and gradually increase it as needed to maintain control. Avoid excessive force, as it can strain the motor and lead to premature wear.

b. Let the Tool Do the Work: Allow the grinder to do the work for you. Apply minimal force and let the spinning disc make contact with the material. Excessive force can result in kickback or cause the disc to become jammed.

c. Use the Correct Technique: For cutting, position the grinder in a way that allows the sparks to move away from you. For grinding, hold the angle grinder at a slight angle and move it in smooth, controlled motions.

d. Regular Maintenance: Keep your angle grinder in top condition by regularly cleaning the vents, checking the disc for any damage, and lubricating the moving parts as necessary.

5. An Introduction to Brushless Technology

One of the major advantages of brushless angle grinders is their use of brushless technology. Unlike traditional brushed motors, brushless motors offer improved efficiency, higher performance, longer lifespan, and lower maintenance requirements. Understanding the benefits of brushless technology can help you make informed decisions while using your brushless angle grinder.


With proper knowledge and adherence to safety precautions, a brushless angle grinder can be an invaluable tool for various tasks like cutting, grinding, and polishing. Remember to prioritize safety, follow the manufacturer's guidelines, and practice your technique. As you gain experience, you will become more comfortable and proficient with this versatile power tool.

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