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80 swy series advantage analysis of brushless dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-29
Below by wuxi micro-motor controller co. , LTD. And everybody said the 80 swy series brushless dc motor controller is the advantage of this product. 1. Using the motor controller with a diameter of 80 mm. 2. The insulation class is F, able to withstand the high temperature of 155 degrees. 3. Using imported mute bearing, make its service life is longer. 4. With high magnetic materials instead of the same power brush motor controller, make its smaller size, longer life. 5. Can be to choose of all kinds of drive, encoder, etc, to make it adapt to different automation equipment application. Is more than 80 swy series brushless dc motor controller advantage, if you want to learn more knowledge, remember to focus on us, oh.
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