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7. 4 v buzzer brushless motor controller development success!

by:Hoprio     2020-08-07
Buzzer is one of the common hair trimmer, generally by the fixed teeth, activity, the regulating handle, shell and installed inside the shell of electrical parts, must be powered by electricity, when using traditional buzzer to alternating current (ac) in the majority. As the products are constantly updated, now has a plug-in and charging type two kinds. 。 In addition to beautiful, flexible operation, easy to use, small vibration and low noise are its advantages.

new dedicated to buzzer brushless motor controller, using the DC7. 4 v low voltage driver, cooperate with buzzer charging panels, effective use of battery power, ensure that used for a long time.

the above as the typical model of the buzzer brushless motor controller, according to different models, can match different sizes of brushless motor controller. For more information, welcome to call 400 - 0755 - 631, thank you!
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