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2014 international machinery manufacturing industry exhibition opening today

by:Hoprio     2020-08-04
The 15th international machinery manufacturing industry exhibition 9:00 this morning, the official opening of convention and exhibition center event, each big media to attend interview early and live broadcast. Activity information we can watch each media reports in recent days.

this exhibition, a total of 4 days on March 31, March 28 solstice. The pavilion distribution is as follows: metal cutting machine tool exhibition - - 1, 6); Metal forming machine tool exhibition - - 2, 3); Mechanical process automation - - Hall no. 7 and 8; Tools and tool exhibition - - 9 pavilion; Mould exhibition - - 4 pavilion; Software and industrial design, 3 d printing - - 5. Motor controller booth in machining automation - - Hall no. 7 and 8, the scene has a senior engineer and sales engineer to do motor controller products detailed answers and demonstration, wonderful content, not to be missed, welcome everyone to visit and consulting!
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