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2 - high-power brushless motor controller3kw

by:Hoprio     2020-07-15

high-power brushless motor controller according to the optical axis brushless motor controller to have 2 - points High power 3 kw. If on the basis of the brushless motor controller with reducer, because of the speed reducer with gear reducer, planetary gear reducer and worm gear and worm reducer can be optional. There was presence of brush gear reduction motor controller, planetary reduction brushless motor controller, worm gear and worm reducer brushless motor controller. High-power brushless motor in addition to the optical axis motor controller, can succeed in high-power brushless motor controller with gear reducer, planetary gear reducer and worm gear and worm gear reducer. In addition, the optical axis brushless motor controller and brushless speed controller under the same power are the same, just with a variety of reducer or specifications. Mechanical and electrical production brushless motor controller, the conventional motor controller consists of small power 6 w power to the power of 3 kw. Speed range turn - 1500 6000 turn, voltage 12 v, 48 v is normal, in addition, there are 36 v, 72 v, 110 v voltage can be customized. Using high-power brushless motor controller has the advantage of small volume, brushless motor controller doesn't like ac motor controller power, the greater the volume of motor controller. On the contrary, under the same power, the volume of a brushless motor controller is traditional brush motor controller or ac motor controller is a third the size. So convenient to install and use. Brushless motor control for dc voltage and current, it's very convenient and the use of household electrical appliances equipment, but also very safe. Low noise is also one of the features of brushless motor controller. Especially in the medical industry, aerospace equipment, military equipment is quite suitable to use high power small volume of brushless motor controller. Foshan electrical and mechanical equipment co. , LTD. , the introduction of Germany advanced technology, brushless motor controller, electric energy conversion rate above 90%, 50% more energy efficient
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