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Jiangsu hoprio New Technology and New Product Launch Conference Held in Changlong

Jiangsu hoprio New Technology and New Product Launch Conference Held in Changlong


On January 10th, “Gathering a Win-Win and Building a Dream” – Jiangsu Hoprio Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. held a new technology and new product launch conference in Changzhou Wujin. Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of Changzhou Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Pan Shunfang, Secretary General of the Power Tools Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, Lu Jinlong, Chairman of Jiangsu Bicycle Electric Vehicle Association, Zhang Nong, National Expert of 1000 People, and Cao, a national enterprise management consulting expert Zheng Jun, Chairman of Guangdu Capital Long Junyu, Director of Germany MATRIX Luo Yinghui, General Manager of Grizzly Li Na, General Manager of Kangfu Huang Mincong, Changzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Changzhou Economic and Trade Commission, Wujin District Government, Huashang Academy, Certification Body, Investment Company, Hoprio Shareholders , partners, domestic and foreign customers, media friends, nearly 500 people witnessed the historical moment of the launch of hoprio new technology and new products, and presented gifts for the smooth convening of the "two sessions" in Changzhou.

The all-day conference kicked off with the company video. A short video of five and a half minutes, the image illustrates the Chinese dream of hoprio "Chinese frequency conversion, let the world become more Chinese", the power of "China Core Power" instantly detonated the venue, the meeting kicked off in the hall full of applause.

In the speech, Xi Yan, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the Changzhou Municipal Committee and the Party Secretary of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, expressed congratulations on the release of hoprio new technology and new products. He hoped that hoprio would accelerate the pace of technological innovation and contribute to the establishment and development of local frequency conversion industry clusters.

Lu Jinlong, chairman of Jiangsu Bicycle Electric Vehicle Association, delivered a speech on behalf of the industry association. He sent a message to hoprio to re-create traditional industries with brushless inverter intelligent control technology, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and promote cooperation and win-win in the whole industry.

Zhang Nong, a national expert on thousands of people and dean of the Automotive Engineering Technology Research Institute of Hefei University of Technology, looks forward to the application prospects of switched reluctance motors and automatic transmission systems in the field of new energy vehicles, and hopes to develop deeper and higher levels of production with Hoprio. Cooperation in research and research.

Hopgar General Manager Zhuang Jiayuan talked about the hard history of Hoprio, clarified the core concept of hoprio and the positioning of the industry chain, and grandly released the subversive brushless 230 large angle grinder, brushless 115 small angle grinder, brushless marble machine and brushless electricity. The four power tools, such as the 镐, caused applause from the scene and pushed this meeting to a climax.

After the personal experience of the new products, Luo Yinghui, the director of MATRIX in Germany, said that compared with the international top brands, the hoprio brushless large angle grinding cutting efficiency is increased by 50%, and the brushless small angle grinding is increased by about 20%-30%. The effect is very shocking. At the same time, he combined his own work experience of more than 20 years, put forward unique insights on the technical development trend of power tools, and caused the peers to resonate.


Hop Yong, chief engineer of hoprio, Lu Aiguo, general manager of hoprio electrical, and Chen Bo, general manager of Rip Xinke, gave keynote speeches and exchanged the latest development of brushless inverter technology and switched reluctance power system, aerodynamics and intelligent control technology. Progress, while discussing the technical application of related technologies in new energy vehicles, power tools, small household appliances and other industries.


At the end of the meeting, Ding Ruirong, the chairman of Hoprio, gave a keynote speech titled “Gathering a Win-Win and Building a Dream and Fully Achieving the Strategic Target of Main Board Listing in 2021”, depicting the grand blueprint of Hoprio's future. We sincerely hope that together with the industry chain partners, we will rapidly promote the fissile development of the brushless inverter industry and make important contributions to the country, the industry, the society, and the daily life of people.

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